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Next Port / ETA Calculation

Get Date and time at which Port the vessel is heading to, from AIS destination.

Version 2.4.2

About this API

Ships travel the worldwide shipping routes across the high seas and waterways on a daily basis. Yet they face a variety of factors that greatly affect their operability. Changes in weather and sea states, storms or even unexpected course corrections can effect their schedules greatly. Therefore, knowing the expected time of arrival is an important factor in successfully operate as a business.

Requested with an IMO or MMSI number, this API delivers the time of arrival (ETA) for any vessel in the FleetMon vessel database in XML or JSON format. Calculated precisely according to the latest information available, the API integrates FleetMon's undelayed signals with superior resolution for vessel tracking and monitoring, combining terrestrial and global satellite AIS information.

With our precise ETA calculations you can more effectively schedule the delivery chain and business operations. As a professional planning tool, this API enables you to create greater efficiency in your logistics chains for perishable goods, production parts needed, and other situations that demand a great amount of timeliness.

Check out our documentation to see the details of a request, and a sample response to see what you get with this API.

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Whether you want to know how to perform a request or what attributes you can look for, we have a more detailed page for you to read.

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