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Terminal Monitoring

Get to know when a vessel entered a terminal and when the vessel can leave the terminal plus duration of the terminal call.

Version 2.4.2

About this API

It is important for your business to know where your vessels or your cargo is located. Moreover, the time that a vessel or cargo spends at a terminal before departure could affect you as a business in your supply and delivery chains significantly.

For a specific terminal, this API delivers the enter and left event, giving you a timestamp of the exact moment of departure or arrival. In other words, with this professional Terminal Monitoring API you can now pinpoint exactly when a vessel entered a terminal and when the vessel can leave the terminal again as well as determine the exact duration of the terminal call. The API also provides information about the terminal call itself, as well as additional vessel information like length or call sign in XML or JSON format.

Possessing the knowledge of these events gives you the ability to effectively plan your business and delivery chains. This powerful API is best suited for you when you have a set of specific delivery routes and business focus. With the help of the API you can, for example, identify delays in your routes and delivery chains that may occur regularly and schedule accordingly.

Check out our documentation to see the details of a request, and a sample response to see what you get with this API.

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for this API service. We would be happy to talk to you and discuss your specific needs and requirements!

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The price depends on the account you have, how big your fleet is and what you want to request and whether you need Satellite AIS data or not.

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