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Regional AIS

Returns AIS information for a predefined bounding box of a geographical area.

Version 2.4.2

About the API

You want to know what goes on in a specific area of your interest, what and how many vessels travel through this area? With the Regional Zone API you can reliably monitor maritime traffic of a certain area anywhere in the world.

All you need to do is to draw a rectangular bounding box and the API produces vessel particulars such as name, type, length, width, IMO and MMSI numbers, etc., as well as positional information, speed, navigational status (underway, pre-voyage, etc.) of every vessel within the bounding box in XML or JSON format. The API also provides you with voyage information pertaining to the vessel, its destination and estimated time of arrival.

The scope of the API is designed to be flexible in order to address your particular requirements. You can stretch the regional zone from a small area to vast regions to your liking. Within the bounding box you can monitor every movement, from a particular vessel to the general traffic density. In other words, this API is best suited for you if you require information on a specific zone rather than the entire globe.

Check out our documentation to see the details of a request, and a sample response to see what you get with this API.

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for this API service. We would be happy to talk to you and discuss your specific needs and requirements!

Want to know how it works in detail?

Whether you want to know how to perform a request or what attributes you can look for, we have a more detailed page for you to read.

API Reference

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The price depends on the account you have, how big the bounding box is and what you want to request and whether you need Satellite AIS data or not.

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