API Data Packages

Integrating an API requires certain expertise and sometimes a lot of time. If you currently have neither of these, don’t worry, you can still benefit from the FleetMon API. Let us know which API endpoints you need and the query frequency and we'll take care of the rest. You will then receive the file (CSV, XLS, or SFTP, etc.) from us at the agreed times, which includes all data processed and ready to be downloaded.

API Data Packages Process

We created two use cases as an example

First use case: You are interested in a FleetMon API service - let’s take the Logistics API as an example. You want to get an update for 100 vessels at 7 am and 7 pm UTC. There is a need to work very quickly with the data but your in-house IT or IT service provider has no human resources. Then use the API Data Packages Service. Daily at 7 am and at 7 pm UTC you will receive an email with a .csv file (or an Excel file). All fields of the API for your 100 vessels will be delivered to you in columns.

Second use case: You are using any FleetMon API service - for example the FleetTracker API. Now there are technical problems in your data center or in the used software. With the API Data Packages Service we offer you a reliable backup service. According to your wishes and frequency we generate a query in our data centers in exactly the same way you would do it. We store the data obtained for you on a sftp to which only you have access. If there should be a loss of data on your side, this information can be read by you at any time by downloading the backup.

API Data Packages Model
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